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ArchView is an extension of Firefox. It can open archive file online and get the catalog. It also can preview or download files in archive. Currently, it support ZIP, RAR archives and ISO-9660 CD images. The most fancy feature of ArchView is that it can open an individal file without download the whole archive, since it only fetch the necessary portion. So it's suitable for checking the content of archive before download. ArchView can support HTTP and FTP protocols. It can also handle local files via file: protocol.

What ArchView Is Not

ArchView doesn't intend to replace other archivers (eg. 7-Zip, WinZip or WinRAR). It lacks some features, can't add or delete files in archive. ArchView doesn't support compression, and has no plan to realize it. ArchView is a companion and supplementation of those tools, since they are designed for handle local files. Almost none of them can deal with archive files on Web or FTP server. And ArchView can work together with Firefox, that make open online archive file like normal web pages.


* Directly access archive files on Web or FTP server.
* List the catalog of archive file.
* Open or download an individual file.
* Support RAR and ZIP archives and ISO CD image.
* Support HTTP, FTP and file: protocols.
* Can present HTML or XUL interface.
* Only fetch necessary data rather than the whole archive file.
* Work together with Firefox, easy to use.
* Platform independent, (theoretically) support all platforms that Firefox can run.


* Can't open SFX file.
* Not support multi-volumn archive.
* Not support RAR decoding, need third-party software.
* Can't open encrypted file in ZIP.
* Can't show RAR comment.


* English version of user manual. (Simplified Chinese version and Google's translation)
* Support 7-Zip format.
Requirements: Firefox 2.0 - 3.0.*

Systems: Mac OS X, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows2003

Tags: open archive file   Firefox Extension   access archive file   archive   unzip   compression  

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